About Us

The VQ was developed by Vaportronix, LLC in Miami, FL.
At Vaportronix our goal is to provide the most convenient and best vaping experience. With our patented technology and after 2 years in the making we are proud to present the world with our first product, The VQ.
Our goal from the start was to be able to have an Electronic Cigarette/Vaporizer that could always be with you and always be charged without the worry of ever remembering to charge it or remembering where you last put it.
With The VQ, we have solved both problems by providing a beautiful iPhone 6/6S case that holds and charges The VQStick continuously.
Always Charged!
Always With You!
Never Miss a Puff!
At Vaportronix, we never stop trying to improve and innovate our products. We are confident that you will love the current VQ and our future models that are soon to come.
While our products are designed and assembled in the United States, some of our components are imported from China.
We urge customers to provide feedback, questions, or comments so that we can continue to provide the ultimate vaping experience.